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HC12 sewage treatment plant

Weight 600 kg
Dimensions 3610 × 1620 × 2140 mm

£3,890.00 ex VAT

  • *Factory Fit Accessory Option

The HydroClear 12 can efficiently treat wastewater from bathrooms, toilets, laundry and kitchens before being safely discharged into a watercourse such as a river or a stream and drainage field. Wastewater discharged from the HC12 is absolutely safe and clean enough to be discharged into a watercourse or a drainage field. With a life expectancy of over 20 years, you can enjoy absolute peace of mind.

Contemporary design engineering and analysis software and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities combine to create this unique product which dominates sewage treatment plant market with a pollutant removal level of 97%. Market-leading performance, easy installation, super quiet operation, low maintenance costs, reliable bio media system and durability are all qualities that make the product best suited for all off-mains sewage treatment requirements.

Its equipped with an external blower for optimal performance. The blower is conveniently located in a weatherproof aboveground external housing. This slim profile system comes with a 2-year warranty ensuring you have had the product registered on Harlequin’s website.

Sewage treatment plant features

  • Tank body moulded in one piece from durable Medium Density Polyethylene Material (MDPE)
  • 110mm inlet and outlet connections
  • Integrated lifting eyes for ease of handling and installation
  • Fully secured 450mm pedestrian duty low-profile manhole covers comply with statutory regulations
  • Adjustable turrets allowing for shallower invert levels
  • Aboveground air blower housing delivers more reliable and efficient operation; allows easy access for maintenance
  • Easy access to the bubble diffuser within the tank
  • Super quiet when installed correctly
  • Cost-effective installation
  • 24-month service period reduces operating costs
  • HydroClear owners can determine their own de-sludge intervals giving potential cost savings
  • Mechanically reliable with no moving parts or electrics within the tank
  • Certified for use in UK in compliance with EN12566-3
Weight 600 kg
Dimensions 3610 × 1620 × 2140 mm

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