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EnviroSpill eco oil absorbent pads

£109.55 ex VAT

The envirospill eco oil absorbent pads are a simple and cost effective solution designed to absorb hydrocarbon based oils, fuels and petroleum based liquids. Constructed of highly absorbent melt blown polypropylene, these oil spill pads are an important product to have wherever oils are stored and handled to deal with unexpected spills.

The EnviroSpill oil spill pads are able to absorb up to 0.6litres each and come in a box of 200 pads. Due to being completely hydrophobic, these oil spill absorbent pads do not soak up water and will float even when fully saturated, making them ideal for applications where oil must be separated from water. Therefore, as well as being designed for dealing with unexpected oil spills, these oil absorbent pads can also be used for removing floating oil residue on water.

EnviroSpill eco oil spill pads features

  • Open structure, melt blown polypropylene construction
  • Box contains 200 oil absorbent pads
  • Each spill pad is able to absorb 0.6litres – pack absorbs 120litres
  • Completely hydrophobic – does not absorb water
  • Will absorb hydrocarbon based oils and fuels


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