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GoldenRod 470-5 fuel filter element

£15.10 ex VAT

The GoldenRod 470-5 fuel filter element is the replacement, 10 micron paper cartridge for the GoldenRod 495 fuel tank filter. You should change your GoldenRod filter element when you notice the flow rate of your system dropping, as this indicates the fuel storage tank filter is getting full.

We would recommend using the GoldenRod filter wrench when changing the paper element to limit the risk of cracking of the bowl whilst trying to screw it with force, and ensure it is screwed back on tight enough to prevent leaks.

Features of the goldenRod 470-5 filter element:

  • Filter element only
  • Particle filter
  • 10 micron paper cartridge
  • For GoldenRod 495 fuel filters
  • Suitable for diesel, bio up to B20, petrol


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