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Aquafighter finger fuel tank water absorber

£44.00 ex VAT

The aquafighter finger is a fuel tank water absorber designed to remove both the free and suspended/emulsified water from fuel tanks onboard small industrial machines, agricultural machinery and plant equipment when they are not in use.

With the increasing bio content in diesel, water contamination is one of the largest causes of engine damage, as it causes microbial growth that results in a nasty sludge responsible for filter blockages, equipment damage, engine corrosion and poor fuel efficiency. The Aquafighter water absorber eliminates these problems by reducing the water content levels down to 75ppm to meet the EN590 diesel fuel standards (200ppm), saving you costly damage and downtime. Unlike other solutions on the market, this diesel tank water absorber not only absorbs free water but separates and captures the suspended emulsified water in the fuel, which often gets left to cause serious damage to your vehicles and equipment.

By acting in this way, the Aquafighter Finger fuel tank water absorber provides numerous benefits including preventing diesel bug from forming, reducing filter replacement requirements and the need for a regular tank cleaning, and protecting the tank from corrosion.

Please note: If this is your first time using Aquafighter, we recommend buying 2 units. The first can be added to absorb the current water, which may become full quickly if there is a large problem with water. The second to be added once the other has been removed to act as a prevention against future water content.

Features of the aquafighter finger diesel tank water absorber 

  • Captures and removes free and emulsified water directly in the tank
  • Other products on the market absorb only free water.
  • Prevents diesel bug from forming
  • Reduces filter replacement by around 60%
  • Eliminates the need for most additives
  • Reduce water level down to 75ppm to meet the EN590 diesel fuel standards
  • For fuel tanks with a capacity of up to 150litres and with openings between 3.8cm and 9cm.
  • Size: 20cm x 4cm
  • Absorbs up to 200ml
  • Suitable for diesel, kerosene, biofuel and heating oil


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