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Piusi Bi pump 24v and 12v diesel transfer pump


    The Piusi Bi-Pump portable diesel transfer pump is powerful and reliable and is designed for high flow diesel transfer and mobile refuelling up to 85lpm.

    This Italian made 24v and 12v fuel transfer pump is easy to install due to its compact design and sturdy structure. The Bi Pump battery powered diesel dispensing pump is essentially two BP3000 self-priming, rotary vane 24 or 12v diesel transfer pumps put together, to provide a greater flow rate. Thanks to its refilling speed and its low voltage, this Piusi diesel pump is designed for refuelling large agricultural vehicles and plant equipment in off-road applications where mains power may be unavailable.

    This battery powered DC diesel refuelling pump benefits from a sturdy industrialised construction, incorporated bypass valve, IP55 protection rating and an on-off switch. This 12 volt fuel transfer pump offers high performance and durability and is a perfect solution for anyone looking for high flow rate, quality Piusi diesel pump.

    Features of the Bi-Pump portable diesel fuel transfer pump:

    • 2 x BP3000 diesel fuel transfer pumps
    • Self priming battery powered diesel transfer pump
    • Sintered steel rotors & acetal resin vanes
    • Cast iron pump body
    • Incorporated bypass valve
    • Flow rate: 85ltr Per Min
    • On/off switch
    • Cable & clips 2 and 4 mtr options (on selected models)
    • Direct current brush motors with permanent magnet stators
    • 30min duty cycle
    • 1” BSP flanged inlet/outlet ports
    • Protection grade: IP55
    • Optional carry handle (see accessories table)
    • Available in 12v/24v


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